Samuel J, a soulful singer-songwriter and conservationist from Cornwall, UK, captivates global audiences with his unique voice and moving lyrics. Beyond music, he’s an empowering youth coach and Ocean Conservation Ambassador.

His journey started with a piano, later evolving into a connection with the magic of music while playing guitar. Samuel aspires to contribute meaning and feeling to the music industry, valuing substance over metrics.

Proud moments include knowing his music helps others and overcoming setbacks from major labels. 

Unattached to labels, his melodies encourage listeners to remember what matters in the moment. Samuel’s upcoming single campaign project; “My Sister” featuring Heather Christie, includes a crowd-funded campaign for the International Anti-Poaching with the Akashinga Foundation of Zimbabwe and much more to come.

In his studio, Samuel collaborates globally, expressing a dream to work with the impactful Cinematic Orchestra. His daily motivation comes from nature’s harmony, incorporating it into his music to uplift others.

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