Ferrat Destine was a big collaborator of Haiti’s cultural newspaper Ticket Magazine, and Spotlight in 2007. He is also the designer of ” Qui etes- vous?” a series of meetings connecting students to Haitian artists in all music genres.

He was brought limelight again when he published “Les Dessou Inavoues”, which became the first Haitain photo novel with the support of Sogebank. When Ferrat launched ” Haitai un nouveau regard”, a TV series of socio-cultural exchanges for students of different universities in Haiti, it was no surprise when he was appointed promoter of the Haitian culture by prime minister, Marie Laurence Jocelin Lassegue.

Gifted from childhood, Ferrat Destine was without a doubt born with a pen, and pens they say, are mightier than swords. Following his skill and passion, Ferrat published his profoundly gripping collections of poems, “Sentimental Virus” quite early. His unquestionable dexterity easily secured him a place as director of publications for Printemps Magazine, from where he moved to Trihum, and later Connexion.

Ferrat Destine is inspired by nature and the creativity of the adored French composer, Jean Ferrat, after whom he was named. He completed his studies at the Grand College L’Humanisme in 2004 before leaving Haiti for the United States where he graduated from the UCC in 2017.

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