Google’s clearly gotten so awful at keeping its Pixel phones under cloak that we are nearly compelled to trust it’s every one of the a cunning hype ploy or public relations’s worst nightmare. This week alone saw both of its next-gen flagship phones being posted online, live pictures what not: a Pixel 7 sprung available to be purchased on eBay before it was pulled down, followed by an early proprietor flexing their model Pixel 7 Pro which they bought a long time earlier on Facebook Marketplace.

In any case, the way things are, that ploy or bad dream isn’t over presently, with the Pixel 6a going up for offers — implying that Google’s 2022 phones have been publicly outed.

As spotted by Nils Ahrensmeier, various Google Pixel 6a’s have been recorded on Facebook Marketplace by somebody attempting to sell them from Malaysia. This seems to be a similar individual who as of late posted a super-early unpacking video of the gadget on TikTok as clear from the matching usernames.

While the item page has been brought down from that point forward, we saw a going cost of RM2,300, which is roughly $524 USD.

Obviously, a posting like that likewise implies that it’s joined by photographs, yet these are entirely fresh, giving us maybe the most clear glance at the gadget yet. One look and you can quickly tell it’s a retail model — past pictures of the Pixel 7 models made it clear from their non-standard logo that they were only models, yet the Pixel 6a has got Google’s natural ‘G’ glyph slapped onto the back.

Besides it accompanies the entirety of the bundling, embellishments, and desk work that one anticipates from an end result — including a Type-C to Type-C USB link and, as far as we can see, no charging block. A gadget ID screen shows that the phone was made in Vietnam, however we’d need to consider what dim or bootleg market exchanges needed to have ended up presenting to it the whole way to Malaysia.

Ahrensmeier makes reference to that similar individual who recorded these Pixel 6a phones on Facebook likewise flaunted about his catch on TikTok — a YouTube recover is seen previously.

On the off chance that you’re keen on obtaining a Pixel 6a for yourself, Google will make them accessible for you not to take, but rather pre-order beginning July 21.

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