After a long-awaited album that Ronnie has been working on since 2021 and just graduating  college at the end of May, he drops an 8-song project on June 2nd, 2022; engineered and mastered by himself. Before his album “Trust the Process”, Ronnie came out with over 15 songs in 2021 that boosted his artist presence and sound. Ronnie’s singles in 2021 really displayed his unique sound and showed overall how he is coming together as a recording artist. Ronnie has learned to switch up his flow, cadences, and sound in these top singles: Over Pain, Past  Don’t Last, Faces, Anthem (Blicky), Too Much, Shoot It Up, Sign, Idk You, Wish  Right Now, Can’t Go Back, Smoke, and Me. 2021 was a huge part in Ronnie’s career that led to his newest album release in 2022. As Ronnie puts more musical work and experience under his artist belt, he is hyped to announce that he will have his first live show in  Lake Elsinore, CA at a car show where he will perform songs off his new album, Trust the Process.

Ronnie’s album Trust the Process has 8-songs that vary from hard-hitting upbeat sounds—to more mellow tracks that you can chill and vibe to as well. The artwork is done by  Ronnie’s friend Cameron with RepicDesigns and it portrays his vision of how successful he will  become as an artist from California. He touches on aspects in life such as relationship struggles and personal struggles that come from the heart. Although Ronnie does speak on getting money and having a goal of living a lavish lifestyle, this album really demonstrates that being and focusing on yourself is extremely important to being successful. The popular single from  2021, Ride (Rights) Awayis featured on his new album and has a music video dropping soon. 

Although all 8-songs are favorites of his, Ronnie says that the tracks Motion, Sober, Till  My Heart Stop, and OverTime are his personal go-to’s to get hyped up! To Ronnie, trusting the process is something that he and his affiliates believe in strongly because it can be applied to anything you are working on in life. “TTP” (Trust the Process) means to stick to the plan and  particular process to get where you are trying and wanting to go. In times of doubt and hardship, you must trust in what it takes to get there. Ronnie believes in himself and his life aspirations so strongly he got it tattooed on his hand by legendary local artist, Brags Designwho also created a custom character of Ronnie dropping soon as well! 

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