“All I Ever Learnt” is not only Joshua sharing his learnings and observations of the world around us with us. Interestingly enough, it is the name of Joshua’s upcoming album. Hailing from a family of musicians and Musical instrument manufacturers, Joshua started exploring and working towards creating his own unique music since he was 12. Here , he talks more to us about his music and its inspiration.

Joshua’s previous projects , “Understudy” and “Breakfast In Bed” created  major likes and downloads with his audience.  ‘Understudy’ his debut album features favourites such as ‘Normal Is For Fools, Another Day, Make Believe, which epitomises  the collective soul of the millennials.

His last single “Breakfast In bed” feature real life couples in different parts of the world, enjoying simple mundane pleasure showcasing how people can find peace even in the hardest times.

Both his previous albums proved to be a hit on both the music streaming platforms and YouTube.

Joshua looks to his music as a medium of communicating his thoughts. As is his person, so is his music – minimal, quiet and open to your personal interpretation.

The orchestration of the track, “All I Ever Learnt” has influences of electronic music within the strict parameters of the minimalist theme. The sound consists of layered voices woven into each other, complemented by waves of cold synth, guitar lines all strung together by the sound silence

An interesting morsel of trivia :  “ All I ever learnt’ features the first bass guitar ever used in Bollywood. It is a 50 year old instrument, which originally belonged to Shri Chiranjit Singh, Joshua’s grand father. -.

“All I Ever Learnt” has been directed by Tanvi Gandhi and is a surreal representation of the universe of thought that creates an action. The video has superbly captured our feeling of isolation and of the nostalgia that the past invokes from the present – sometimes burdening us and yet sometimes setting us free.. The footage serves as a reflection of these elements with a mesmerizingly desolated landscape, a cool toned colour palette, solitary silhouettes… and bubbles.

Listening to these new sounds, I second the idea that “Normal Is For Fools.”

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