“Crossfire”- an angsty, up-beat blend of country, hip-hop, and alternative is coming as a pleasant surprise from traditional pop artist Shelby and largely pop-punk focused artist Jgriff. Both artists are Philadelphia based- as well as engaged to each other- and while they have each dabbled in other genres such as funk, rap, hyper-pop and lo-fi, this is the first time they have blended country elements with their distinct
alternative sounds.

Shelby, though now living farther up the east coast, was originally an exclusively country artist from Athens, Georgia. She spent the first decade of her career only writing and performing country music before pursuing a dark, alt-pop lane once she began recording and releasing music digitally. She has been teasing a return to her country music roots on social media with hints about her upcoming debut album- and “Crossfire” is predicted to mark the beginning and set the tone for the new era.

Jgriff, while having explored several sounds in his career, will be making his first appearance in the country lane with this track. We’ve been told the single will contain the angst and grit of his pop-punk core sound, country-influenced vocals and lyrics from Shelby, and a country/hip-hop blend of instrumentals from UK-based producer Jake Angel.

“Crossfire” is a blend in every way for the artists- new genres meeting familiar genres, opposite sonic elements working in tandem, all with the goal to complement and not clash. We are filled with anticipation and excited to experience the final product which may very well become one of your on-repeat songs for the summer- and can’t wait to see which envelopes Shelby and Jgriff will push next. “Crossfire” will debut on all streaming platforms July 1, 2022. Until then, you can stay tuned for updates and teasers by following the artists on their social media accounts.

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