KC Seedpuriya is a talented and sensational Indian music artist from Melbourne, Australia Born in Karnal, Haryana. KC Seedpuriya was captivated by music from a very young age. He pursued his higher studies but the love of music never left his heart and soon after completion of his studies, He entered into the music Industry. He has always aspired to do big in Haryanvi Industry. Apart from being a musician and singer, he is also an actor. His music streams on all giant music platforms. He has earned respect and fame in his domain. His growth in the industry is very inspiring for others.

He thinks that being independent is important for being successful. One of the finest artist KC Seedpuriya has worked in several music videos including his latest hit song “Mera Ishq” to “Faqeer2” which was very much appreciated and loved by his fans. He has thousands of followers on social media platforms like facebook & Instagram.

Our India has a high rate of population due to the lack of education. I believe in ‘Padhega India tabhi toh bhadega India’. Nowadays, If a Boy/Girl faces rejection, they give up. Instead they should understand that, you value your achivements more when you lose and then win.

If I get a chance for something like ability to make a social change. I would help the women & girls education of our nation. Today also, if I have to travel somewhere, my family is fine with it. At the same time, if my sister asks for the same, everybody comes up with some buts and ifs. I want to change this scenario and mindset on Indian society.