Ocean Of Stars is at long last here and it’s perfect — a superb mix of old-school RPG and current sensibilities that takes advantage of the sentimentality focus of my cerebrum rather successfully. Canadian designer Harm has assembled a fabulous retro-RPG that takes me back to days spent adventuring in Definite Dream III and other outdated JRPGs like Chrono Trigger.

The game has a ravishing pixel-workmanship craftsmanship style that is suggestive of more established games however is far crisper, more beautiful and more definite than anything we had back on the Super Nintendo.

Sea of Stars is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium subscribers can play the game for free, which is a nice bonus.

Regardless, as magnificent as the game’s designs, interactivity and cunning turn-based battle are, I needed to give a holler to the first soundtrack from writer Eric W. Brown. Brown recently created the OST for Harm Studio’s past game, The Courier.

Brown had a little assistance this time around. Japanese computer game arranger Yasunori Mitsuda, known for his work on the Chrono, Xeno and Shadow Hearts establishments, made north of ten out of the game’s tracks. Two of Earthy colored’s performer companions — Vincent Jake Jones and Reece Mill operator — loaned their abilities to the game’s unique soundtrack also.

You can pay attention to a small bunch of the game’s tracks here, and there’s a choice to buy the computerized soundtrack on Steam. Naturally, the best way to listen to this music is to go on an epic journey with Valere and Zale, wielding the power of the moon and sun, to defeat the evil Fleshmancer.

Here is the send off trailer:

Ocean Of Stars raised more than $1.2 million on Kickstarter when the Quebec-based engineer sent off the crowdfunding effort in 2020, altogether more than the group was searching for. The backers will be pleased to learn what a treasure the finished product has become three years later.

Sea of Stars currently has a Very Positive user review score on Steam and a Metacritic score of 88/100 for PC, 91/100 for Switch, and 90/100 for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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