What comes to mind when you hear: heavy 808, catchy melodies and a hint of autotune? If you said Travis Scott, Roddy Ricch or Lil Durk you would be correct, but there is an Upcoming Artist out in Colorado by the name of Foevabeatz you have to check out. I came across Foevabeatz one day while on youtube listening to music.

At first i thought his song “Hoes” was a Travis Scott song, but after opening my phone to see if I was right i was surprised to see it wasn’t Travis at all. It’s rare to come across new unsigned artist now and days so i was shocked. I had to see if he had other songs that I’d like. Normally upcoming artist have very little to offer, but i was in awe to see he had a catalog of over 150 songs on all DSPs. Him and his team NSG (No Sleep Gang) really show they may never sleep by the number of releases they have.

Songs I enjoyed over and over again by Foevabeatz was “Stay Strong”, “Alone”, “Hoes”, “Don’t” and more. If i had to categorizes his music it would be uplifting with dark undertones, something you could do homework to or bump heavy while driving around.

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