Growing up, we all have different dreams. Some want to be a doctor, an engineer, or a pilot, all of which are considered valuable professions in society. However, a select few emerge from the norms of society and dare to dream bigger than anyone else.   

Such is the story of Mikey BadAss, who has a winner mentality helping him believe in himself when conventional wisdom presented mental and physical barriers. His meteoric rise to success has been a long-fought fight for greatness, and he worked day and night to create a brand of his own.   

Born and raised in Indiana, Mikey BadAss’s humble background helped him realized earlier in life that if he wanted to have a secured future, finding a way to fuel his ambition was the bridge to his legacy. For the last three years, Mikey’s parabolic ascension in music can be accredited to his son and his future.  

Children are a blessing from God, and they change a parent’s entire focus in life. Pursuing a career in Hip-Hop involves extreme danger, death-defying moments, periods of insanity, and generational wealth. Fulfilling expectations in Hip-Hop provides unthinkable psychological and immeasurable financial rewards.    

Mikey BadAss’s music catalog reflects his matchless energy, rap delivery skillset, and rare musical instincts. Mikey BadAss has never been the one to let others control his life. His hunger for independence motivates him to create, develop, and maintain his master recordings. Mikey BadAss owns and operates multiple entertainment companies underneath one corporate umbrella. Music, TV, Film, production, and global merchandising are monetized through his enterprise.    

Mikey BadAss’s music landed in heavy rotation on local radio station WTSX POWER 104.9 FM. WTSX POWER 104.9 FM is located in Kokomo, Indiana, and attracts over 100,000 monthly listeners. WTSX POWER 104.9 FM provided a certified vote of confidence for Mikey BadAss. Receiving a public endorsement from a mainstream radio station fueled his success in unimaginable ways as he plans to take the industry by storm in the upcoming years. Mikey BadAss is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE.