India has over 1 billion-plus people and hence the existence becomes challenging every single day. People are constantly competing with each other to get recognized in their fields. Parag Chariya is a man who is in love with his country and his people. He is constantly racing to mark India as a cultural hub on the world map. India has a rich culture and Parag wants people across the globe to value the existence of the culture of India. He has dedicated many initiatives to make the effort count when it comes to preserving the culture. From educational access to folk music preservation, he has worked for all. He is known to be a great producer loved by his co-partners for being a grounded man. Parag has also opened multiple schools and institutions to support education in Gujarat. His contribution towards music through his studio Studio Shri Shakti has given opportunities to many folk artists.

Parag Chariya belongs to a farmer family and from childhood he has been interested in music, education and many such unique hobbies. His father was also a teacher at a government secondary school because of which Parag was always inspired to complete his studies. Primarily he completed his B.Sc.B.Ed and started working as a primary teacher at a school. Later his faith and his interest in music took him to explore the field as a producer. He successfully launched multiple songs including “Kolini Tani Na Karvi, Mane Laagi Taari Dhoon, Mari Jau to Bhale Mari Jau, Sorathni Amirat and Hulululu Halaa Re amongst others.

He mentions, ‘I have been blessed with more success than I had ever expected. My upcoming dream project is “The world’s fastest Hanuman Chalisa” and it has been voiced by Hemant Joshi, a young artist from Gujarat. I am hoping to get a good response on the project from my audiences.’

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