Aron G. Lofton is a multi-talented individual, from a background of mixed martial arts fighting, currently venturing into the world of real estate. He was originally born and brought up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and later started his career in Mexico and the United States. Years of training as a mixed martial arts fighter had taught him a lesson or two which are still dear to him as they help him maintain his professionalism as a real estate agent. One of the most valued things for Lofton is respect, which was important back then too as a fighter because he had to respect his opponent even if someone is competing. As far as his present-day profession concerns him, this same moral of respect has remained with him and benefited him in his career.

But there is a lot more that goes into the journey. Aron G. Lofton had his own commercial painting set up in 2006, known as the Texas home design. Two services, one dealing with the insurance claim laws of clients, and the other handling new constructions, were the starting points. A decade later in April 2016, Lofton discovered that he had to bear losses of more than $2 billion. It was unexpected because Mother Nature was being unkind, and hailstorms had destroyed not only his business but also multiple people’s state of matter at that point.

But because it was catastrophic, a lot of other property management companies had to turn to Texas home design for their claims and assistance. Despite suffering a $2 billion loss that Texas and his company suffered, with the restoration work that the company took up they were able to work on $15 million worth of loss in insurance. this benefit was enough to allow them to expand their business in the next year. It gave way to providing services such as the construction of SPEC homes and various types of retail centres. This too took off and in 2018 Lofton and his company were able to buy a Texas-based development group that specialized in real estate. this was worth half a billion dollars. His company had come a long way from when it initially started in 2006.

All that being said, Aron G. Lofton still has a lot to do in the future. He wishes to undertake multiple projects in all of Texas, and some other places namely Acapulco, Arlington and Cabo San Lucas. He believes that he would be able to do it all with the supportive team that he has led, and his own experience which has guided him all these days. Let us hope the best for him!

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