Ronald Furet began his musical career at the age of 12 in Chile, his native land, playing the keyboard in various musical bands, where little by little he began to sing and play other instruments such as bass, guitar, drums, going through different musical styles, which allows him to explore the composition of his first songs, some of which he includes in his first musical production called “Simiente”, released in December 2021, of which the singer-songwriter tells us part of the process.

Regarding the name of the album “Simiente”, the musician mentions that the campfire that appears on the cover of his first album reflects the true seed that motivates him to continue in music, such as, for example, the simple fact of singing again with a guitar together with his friends, accompanied by a campfire, was where he obtained part of his practical musical training when he came to interpret an extensive musical repertoire, and that this type of environment motivated him time and time again to continue on the path of music. He affirms that the campfire generates a feeling of nostalgia that goes back to his true beginnings, that is, his musical seed.

Regarding the production of the musical album, 10 songs that he composed from 1994 to 2006 were selected, and in times of pandemic he decided to look for the old demos, and produce the songs again, but with the challenge of performing alone, absolutely all the processes of record production, based on the same experience gained as a sound engineer and music producer obtained in recent decades by working with various artists from different musical genres. This is how he took advantage of his confinement in his home studio to record drums, bass, keyboards, guitars and voices, and then continue with the mixing, mastering, photography, graphic design, distribution and diffusion of the album. A huge challenge!

The songs included on the album are a summary of the different musical genres and styles experienced in terms of performance and composition during those years, such as rock, pop, funk, ballad, swing, rock & roll, alternative rock, etc.

Furet’s music can be found directly on his website, or specifically on any of his social networks ::

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