Mobi1 is a rapper from West London, UK who is emerging lately in the UK Drill scene. He represents hope, he represents the marginalised and repressed and he talks about societal issues in his catchy songs and lyrics. Mobi1’s new single Majin Buu is the new hit and he is gradually becoming an emerging rap sensation.

Rap culture encompasses all of the cultural elements and it promotes diversity while remaining an element of unification. What makes it so vital to our community is that it brings people of different ages, races, religions and economic backgrounds together simply by communicating with them through the medium of music. Mobi1’s rap is a form of social commentary that allows people to express their emotions and ideas in a way that is both raw and real.

Mobi1 calls himself a lyrical activist and his songs are a reflection of the ongoing societal issues in the UK and around the world. His message is clear and his talent is unheard and unseen which makes him one of the most eligible talents that could represent the UK rap/drill scene in the world.

“I started my journey expressing myself after surviving an explosion and nothing to turn too for therapy.  I realised it was time to use my voice for a good informative purpose in a creative way. I’ve always had musical abilities so this became the outlet for me to express the thoughts of many.” Mobi1 said how he got started in the industry.

It is so inspirational to give meaning to your life and dedicating your life to music and I hope more rappers will follow the track that he has led. Mobi1 said that he is working on a track based on Mental Health which is a collaboration between him and Teknik. This track will be very expermental as rest of his other tracks where he will be explaining about his struggle with self harming and suicidal thoughts and how he has confronted his demons over the years.

Mobi1 is surely a rapper you should follow and listen to when you feel down and need hope. His upcoming single “The System” is also going to drop sooner than later. Follow the rapper on Instagram here:

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