The Internet has the great potential to level the playing field. And it has indeed shown what all it can bring to fruition. Today, if you have Internet, there’s little that you can’t do. From developing a skillset and finding a job to starting a business, the hyper-connected world of the Internet and its unparallel tools have doubled humanity’s potential. With this potential comes responsibility, and it’s a mix of the two that an Albania-based start-up, 300 Oferta, hopes to deliver. Today as a global brand, 300 Oferta has indeed come a long way.

300 Oferta was started in 2020 by Rei and Sara Prendi. The entrepreneurs were driven to make the most of the pandemic and create something that could bring some ray of positivity to people. However, they wanted the positivity to outlast the pandemic and thus created a business model which offers 300 days of discount every year. Talking about their venture, co-found Sara Prendi says, “We wanted to make a splash. We knew what we wanted to do – start an e-commerce business that could gain global recognition. We had the skill, the tech, the know-how; all we needed was an offer that people could not refuse. And that’s what we found by offering 300-days of deals and discounts.

The idea of uncompromised quality at a discounted price is a dream for most buyers, and that’s what we’ve set out to achieve. We constantly put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and never fail to realize the impact of a good discount. To be able to afford beautiful clothes, trendy handbags, and another similar thing is an empowering feeling. And I believe that’s essentially what has helped us carve a niche in the global market.”

300 Oferta is all set to gain a foothold in the global e-commerce business. We wish them the best.

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