Who owns the world of music?

 Behind the excitement of touring countless concerts were a handful who managed the space;  People who knew the listening needs of the community identified young people with potential for fame and pocketed large sums of money using all their advertising capabilities (from satellite networks to city billboards).

 Data that goes nowhere

 Many music activists believe that there is a mafia or so-called gang in this art.  In the sense that some people took over the music market;  They do not allow talents to reach the position they deserve and only introduce the people they want to the music audience.

 Whoever is richer is a successful singer

 Mamrez is one of those who believes in the existence of the Mafia in music.  “There are four or five people who own all the halls and share the chances of a concert,” he told our correspondent.  In fact, there are mafias and money launderers in the country’s music that are not in the interest of art at all.  This mafia strikes at the roots of the first art.  “Of course, the issue of music bands has been discussed for several years, but it reached its peak in the mid-to-late 1990s.”

 There is no room to compete with bands

 Regarding unfair competition in the music industry, Mamrez said: “A singer who has a good financial situation spends a lot of money to make a music video;  Because the music video of this singer is supposed to be played in one of the home theater movies.  Under these circumstances, if someone has the best voice and talent, he has no chance to compete.  To understand this, imagine a running race in which a talented runner is tied up and left 30 minutes after the start of the race and allowed to run!  “Can we really compete with such conditions?”

 They treat readers like chips and puffs

 Most people believe that readers make big money;  However, each singer receives only 5% of the profit from the concert.  In exchange for this 5%, the color of the singer’s shirt is prepared according to the taste and order of the producer.  In this way the reader becomes like a consumer good;  The more advertised the goods, the better they sell and the more money they make to the producer;  “Just like chips and puffs!”

 “In today’s world, music has no place for talent, and anyone who has more money and the power of advertising in cyberspace can function and shine better,” he concluded.

 It is not just the patient who complains about the atmosphere in the music market.  Many prominent singers, such as Mohammad Motamedi, also complain about music bands.  Some time ago, Motamedi, who was holding a free concert tour, complained that the billboards were not given to him for his charitable activities.

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