With loads of acting talent and other skills to match, he’s bound to carve his own niche soon.

Tony Masek has been around the entertainment sphere for quite some time now and has proved himself as far as his acting talent goes, and the audiences would vouch for that, who have seen him grow from roles to roles. His performances have been highly appreciated, rating him as the most salable actor who has the potential to make it big in the entertainment industry outside his home country, and we are talking about Hollywood. Yes, you heard it right, he is gearing up to enter this globally recognized and popular industry which has presented some of the best works till date. This powerhouse of talent has given some best performances in his earlier roles and is confident that the audiences will accept him for his dynamism and keen detailing in presenting his work.

Tony says that acting has always been his first love since the time he remembers, and he kept honing his skills with every project he undertook, which pushed his standing much ahead around the entertainment sphere. “At 14, I was a part of two acting schools, which helped me bring out my true potential. Within no time I knew that acting was my calling and gave it my all. Attending a prestigious acting school in Prague helped develop my acting skills more, teaching me different techniques which I still use in my present work,” informs Tony. Although he is aware that it is extremely difficult to crack the globally recognized industry, his additional skills apart from acting will prove to be a winner as he has mastery over different languages like German and Czech, and can also speak English in two distinct accents, which will definitely help him stand out from competition.

Tony further informs that he is also honing his skills in French and Russian, which would help him gain more mileage across this highly competitive industry which has the best of talents trying to find their place of glory. Apart from his acting and language proficiency, Tony is working on other skills which can help him tower above all, like he is practicing Krav Maga, a kind of martial art, along with kick boxing and Thai boxing, and MMA too. “The more skills you have, the more better for you,” says Tony who is also working on his tactical shooting skills which is rare for actors to learn. Being a part of many popular series and movies like “The Letter For The King”, “Shadow and Bone” and “Das Boot”, he is poised to make the right impact on a wider scale with his Hollywood endeavors, which he’s confident to crack soon.

Follow him on Instagram @tonymasekofficial or visit his official website, www.tony-masek.com/en, for more on his work front.

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