If you are not a black man living in America, then you’ll never be able to relate to their never-ending fight for equality, social justice, and freedom. You can never imagine how it feels for someone to kill you because your skin color challenges their manhood. The majority of non-African American’s can’t fathom Black men’s plight and their constant fight against police brutality. Systematic racism is 1000% real in 2021, and George Floyd’s tragic murder forced America’s justice system to finally address the pink elephant in the room.    

Black males are trained from birth to understand the 3-strike rule in life. Being born black and male gives them two strikes from inception. A Black male’s margin of error is razor-thin, and any infraction or slightest legal violation places them in the crosshairs of police and its racially biased justice system. There is no handbook for “SWB” (Surviving While Black) in America. Learning on the job in this specific field is life or death.   

Sean Bell, Freddie Gray Jr, Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile, Elijah McClain, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Eric Garner, Victor White III, and George Floyd are just a few names from a very long list of black kings who are killed by authorities while they were unarmed.   

Although the death of George Floyd sparked a historic civil moment in America, and the officer was found guilty of murder, it’s a small step towards building a bridge of trust with African Americans. The voice of the black community needs to be heard in a way that makes a difference, and that’s precisely what SKOOLDAGOON is doing via the power of Hip-Hop.   

SKOOLDAGOON music is so relatable and that it is actually helping make people across the globe aware of what’s going on in America against African American men. SKOOLDAGOON’s brand of Hip-Hop music is inspirational and aspirational for Black youth culture. To lead and influence the next generation of leaders, a person must possess the people’s pain, passion, and vision.     

It is sufficient to say that SKOOLDAGON is making a difference in making this world a better place through his rap and music. SKOOLDAGOON is CEO of KITCHENTALKMUSIC, LLC, and multiple entertainment brands. SKOOLDAGOON is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE.