Like the Afro-Spanish singer and actress, Virginia Bright, who in honor to all the victims affected by this global pandemic, joins in with her initiative
ANTI-DEPRESSION, AN-TI-ANXIETY and SADNESS “# VENSÍGUEME # TÚERESLALUZ / #comefollowme #cozuarethelight ” to other singers such as, Alejandro Sanz, David Bisbal, Lady Gaga who manages to continue bringing the inspiration and entertainment to their fans.

The quarantine has caused many artists globally to put their unique minds to work from home, to entertain their fans on their social media platforms.
This is the case of the Afro-Spanish actress and singer Virginia Bright who decided to activate through her NGO cozUareORG, THE ”

#COMEFOLLOWME #COZUARETHELIGHT / VENSIGUEME #ERESTULALUZ initiative”. In honor to all victims and families affected by this pandemic.

In order to be able to send an enlightening message to the world, Virginia Bright has activated her African cultural heritage and has started celebrating the end of this whole pandemic holocaust. Projecting all the good she wants to see happening at the “end of this covid19”, dancing, singing, and celebrating the lives of the living as well as all those who parted to the other sideShe expressed, when she personally decided to contact her friend and her cozUare collaborator, DR. Maria Jose Puche of the Torremolinos clinical center in the Costa Del Sol of Spain, and David Garcia, founder member of the NGO “Más es menos” in Málaga. Together, they began to mobilize through their networks and engage people to join this initiative, using the power of music and movement as a great tool. To raise the vibration of people and there voice, “fight the good fight” any type of low-vibration emotional state such as depression, anxiety, panic, sadness, and fear.

Among the three of them, they contacted friends and families with children, and elderly people, proposing them to carry out this activity during
the extension of their confinement from their homes. The activity consisted of learning the song #VENSIGUEME, recording themselves singing
and dancing to the Afro-pop rhythmic song created by Virginia Brigth & the Congolese producer Fiston Lusambo. Aiming to get rid of some of the
isolation stress, people have been joining to the result of the creation of this first video, which they have shared on their social media. An initiative
where every day people unite their voices positively under the same one message: #VENSÍGUEME #ERESTÚLALUZ / #COMEFOLLOWME #COZUARETHELIGHT.

The extension of this quarantine is globally already beginning to take its toll, in the mood of many confined people. Facing this dramatic reality,
where isolation leaves no one indifferent and even to the less vulnerable people, the symptoms of anxiety, fear, panic attacks, irritability,
loss of concentration, insomnia increasing. With the present overview, Virginia Bright wanted to anticipate the fateful forecasts through

#VENSÍGUEME #ERESTÚLALUZ/ #COMEFOLLOWME #COZUARETHELIGHT. Health experts say that the increase in diseases due to this global confinement will turn into forms of depression, phobias, alcoholism, dangerous addictions, and consequently, suicide is also another possibility.

Virginia Bright talks about the importance of raising “Mental Health Awareness” and focusing on everything good and positive that one has, even if it is challenging at times in this global estate the world is experiencing.

This initiative has led them to create a group open to all public on Facebook: “ERES TÚ LA LUZ- VEN SIGUEME / YOU ARE THE LIGHT-COME FOLLOW ME”. Where apart from finding these entertaining and fun videos, you can find professionals from the wellness industries where people can connect with one of the mentors there and receive accompaniment.

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