Pakistan has witnessed tremendous progress over the years. The youth of the nation can be credited as one of the main factors. One such 17 years young boy named Abdullah Mehmood, Influencer from Lahore has marked his presence in the nation. Most of the area of his district is tribal but his achievements have proved his worth more than those in metro cities. He did not limit his education to academic learning.

Abdullah was previously known for his comedy videos but now he is more known as an Entrepreneur and Author. He is the founder of Rex Media, which is a marketing agency. Abdullah Mehmood recently published his E-Book “How to grow on social media “The ultimate guidance” In an interview Mehmood said “I have worked day and night to write these books, I believe I am actually providing the best, unlike other sources which mainly focus on the general tricks.

I tried my level best to breakdown the algorithms of the popular social sites determined that the readers actually get the advantage. Hopefully, after reading it, they’ll understand how to grow on Social media, what strategies to follow. What is the criteria of the sites; what sort of content is being promoted”. As far as inspiration is concerned “I did this all at my own, I had no particular inspiration in fact I was focusing to provide some actually helpful material to everyone wishing to expertise in marketing”

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