You might have heard the famous proverb that, a well-clicked photograph is worth more than a thousand words. It describes a scene infinitely better than mere words can depict.
‘Eyes work more than ears’ is a widespread fact. Use of photographs helps people to retain better. Photographs get quickly captured in our mind and stays in our memory for a relatively longer time.
Such is the versatility of photography according to renowned photographer Luca De Massis, a name that needs no introduction.
According to Luca, the idea of colours floating across a sheet of paper forming either familiar shapes or new creations is always appealing to the eye. In reality, though it is much more than just the beads of colour. Likewise, photography can capture someone’s heart and soul.
Talking about Luca’s works, even his simplest photo has a story that tails along with it. It is an escape from the real world; a creation that narrows on one particular subject and carefully details their every move and emotion. Undoubtedly, his works got features in Vogue and Elle, the premium magazines for today’s millennial.
The irresistible influence that a picture has on its beholder is not just about the photographer’s concepts but it also include meanings which can be concluded through a picture.
Luca strongly feels that the pictures shares many facts and they give people a chance to empathise. The perception behind has a deep implication and the value that it gives to the incident further expands its relevance.
Luca De Massis considers photography as the ‘voice of a voiceless’. There is no doubt that the photographers have a major responsibility to play so as to present an objective image which accompany an issue and helps the public understand the meaning behind the words.
Photographs are our only link to the past. Pictures and snapshots of important events, wonderful times and places or memories to be precise, are all recorded in photographs. Well, we must not forget the efforts of photographers like Luca De Massis who puts in his heart and soul in bringing out the best out of special moments in one’s life for them to cherish forever.
Luca further adds that whether it your home, office, or you are walking down the street, you will always come in contact with something called photography. Pictures are seen on your desk, the internet, billboards, and your favourite cereal box. Almost everywhere you go you have been impacted by a photograph captured by a photographer after putting in so much efforts.
In the words of Luca De Massis, each part of our life and the world is interesting and photography is an important piece that shows us the detailed moments of our life.
While we concentrate on the overall view of our life the photograph we took will show us the small details we may have missed later. Photography is important because we can document something and have it forever. Photography lets us see something we may never have noticed otherwise. Photography is a way to express your ideas for others to see.