With his 30th film, #SK30, approaching, Sandeep Kishan is ready to dazzle viewers once more! Together, Kishan and the gifted director Trinadha Rao Nakkina—who is renowned for creating box office hits like “Dhamaka”—have created an exciting new project.

SK30, which is produced by the formidable triumvirate of AK Entertainment, Hasya Pictures, and Zee Studios, is billed as a nice, heartfelt family film. The movie is presently in its initial phases of development in Hyderabad, and the elaborate sets allude to an ostentatious production.

The Driving Force Behind the Next Big Release:

Rajesh Danda and co-producer Balaji Gutta are producing the movie to ensure that the audience has an amazing time.

Kishan will have a distinctive character development in #SK30, directed by Nakkina, who is renowned for his skill in bringing out the best in his actors.

Great writer Prasanna Kumar Bezawada, who teams up with Nakkina again, heightens the expectation. Furthermore, Bezawada—who is renowned for his fruitful collaboration with the filmmaker—wrote the script, dialogue, and story for #SK30. A memorable work of entertainment that will appeal to viewers is what this combined endeavor promises to be.

A visually spectacular and profoundly moving experience is guaranteed thanks to the youthful and gifted technologists of #SK30. Music will be composed by Leon James, and cinematography will be handled by Nizar Shafi. In the art direction department, Brahma Kadali offers his experience, and Chota K. Prasad ensures an accurate edit.In Hyderabad, Trinadha Rao Nakkina, director of Sandeep Kishan’s thirty-first film, #SK30, is starting principal photography.

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