Twenty1x is self taught songwriter and musical artist who grew up in Jackson Mississippi. His love for music first started when he was in 6th grade in the band playing musical instruments and learning about music as a whole. He would rap freestyles with friends and he soon learn that music is a way he could express himself that everyone could understand. Twenty1x started to write songs about things about his experience, obstacles, and just life in general hoping people would understand that we all go through things but we have to persevere and never give up.

He has always had one goal to get through to his fans with his music which is to always hustle, be driven, come with peace, and never let anyone tell you can’t succeed. In the song climate change he expresses what you see and experience which can consist of change from the world as we know it and growth within yourself. Twenty1x is a must see upcoming artist who tells music from is point of view and tells about his life experience to motivate people to never give up. 

Check out his new video Climate Change 

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