Vivek Chauhan, an emerging actor or our times who believes in right vision and right action. His deliberate thoughts made him virtuous and will become a proof of him as an assiduous actor.

Vivek always believes in enhancing his skills more. He suggests to be creative and focused to aggrandize one’s ability and skills rather than pivoting upon kismet.

We can call him a dromo maniac as he travels a lot to explore the pulsating beauty of this beautiful world.
This pure and stunning soul is standing in his field with a pulsating and never-say-die attitude, collecting all his inspiration from self made actors like, Amitabh bachchan and Sharukh khan, to become a charming actor. Every echo of the sound which says, lights, camera and action, is waiting for this sparking star to shine greatly in the high sky.

Since when he was just a child, his dream to become an actor took him this far and will take him to success, some day soon. He charms his destiny himself as an omnipotent on his desires and a Bellicose, always fighting for his dreams.

He left his whole of the comfort zone to come out from the box and to shine high.

He said, when he came to Mumbai, The city of dreams, he doesn’t have much ideas about how he can trace his name on every heart in the guise of veracity as he hails from a small town, Sanwara, in Uttar Pradesh.

His Imperious deportment on his dreams is making him an live example being successful with hardwork.
As like Vivek, we should hatch upon every possible opportunity that comes to us to be true in leaving the romanticism of stubborn opposition and desire to quit before even trying it.

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