Android TV’s YouTube application is getting several invite updates. On account of a server-side change, YouTube Music has shown up on Android TV through the greater YouTube application — Yep, it’s excessively abnormal.

This most recent server-side update has been turning out for a couple of days, and with it conveys a couple of striking changes. Promptly, a few clients will see that Google has revamped the symbols along the sidebar with a marginally changed style.

Additionally, a few clients have announced that HDR appears to take a shot at more Android TV gadgets with this update. They haven’t experienced this myself, however it’s an invite expansion on the off chance that it is turning out generally.

The greatest change to YouTube’s Android TV application, however, is the expansion of a music tab.

YouTube Music has come up short on an authority YouTube Music application which, as the administration plans to slaughter off Google Play Music, is clearly somewhat worrying.

To get YouTube Music on Android TV, Google has basically incorporated that usefulness legitimately into the bigger YouTube application. Another tab in the sidebar will pull in your ongoing YouTube Music blends and tunes in alongside your “Daily Mix” and other created playlists.

It is anything but an extraordinary UI and does not have a ton of usefulness you’d anticipate from a more extensive application, yet I get it works fine.

All things considered, kind of. There are some significant deficiencies here. You can’t peruse your music while it’s playing and, similarly awful, you can’t let it play out of sight either.

For what reason did Google decide on this bizarre integration? They’d bet that this is on the grounds that YouTube’s Android TV application is basically a similar one found on Roku, savvy TVs, game consoles, and different stages. In the long run, those stages will probably observe this equivalent Music incorporation.

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