The Venezuelan model assures that there exists some tips that can be useful for new modeling aspirants.

Since the age of 3, Andrea Del Val has created a long career in modeling by the early influence of being part of a family that has been involved in the fashion world. Her uncle was a photographer and her mom, who is her role model, was a fashion designer in Venezuela.

Despite that, she faced several challenges that shaped her as a professional and that made her learn some keys to be successful in this business. For Del Val, confidence and attitude is the basis to be a promising model since every beginner shouldn’t expect others to treat them the way they treated them, believe in themselves and don’t hear criticism, prepare well for every day, and focus on their goals even if other tell them that they are not good enough.

From there on, Andrea explained that every model must accept that this career could be very stressful and could demand not only peak physical but also strong mental health. That’s why this Latin model recommends taking care of mental well-being and self-esteem under all conditions.

Even though modeling can be draining, Andrea Del Val says that the greatest reward that each model can get is having fun by “playing a different role” in each photoshoot. She explains that being in these different roles is what makes her modeling sessions so rich and diverse. Also, she stated that this helps a model to be professional and special to adapt to different roles, like the occasion she had to use abayas and hijab for Muslim brands.

On the other hand, Del Val understands that discipline is an attribute that every model must acquire. For Andrea, every model should love what she does while having fun, just like her when she spends around 10 minutes choosing an outfit or when she sometimes spends a Sunday creating new outfits.

For that reason, Del Val believes that a model must have major goals, like her wanting to create her own fashion brand, help in the reconstruction of her native country, travel to 100 countries before turning 30 years and meet different cultures, and opening her heart to a relationship. However, she thinks that this could not be possible if a model does not see it as a priority to have the sense of self-actualization, which means reaching a version of herself that is independent and free.

All these principles have led her into what she is nowadays because when she has something in her mind, she doesn’t stop until she gets it. Each experience has created and molded her career to success and popularity, as she reached more than 130k followers on Instagram. She is currently under the management of Jorge Mondragón, a manager based in Mexico City, and apart from modeling, she is also interested in photography, being behind the cameras, documenting her memories.

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