Women are the backbone of human society and the chief educators of our children. God created women with immaculate emotional characteristics which provide shelter during the worst of times. Women were born with an ability psychological edge over men because of their capacity to display calculated empathy. There’s no greater feeling than a woman whispering into a man’s ear, ‘you got this.’ Once a man finds an empress to compliment his empire, all things are accomplished. 

The puzzle of life contains numerous pieces to complete; however, the female component is irreplaceable. Millions of records are based upon love and influenced via women. Women push men to the edge mentally and extract their greatness God-given characteristics for optimal performance.

Men are captivated by a woman’s feminism and extravagant grace. Our children feed on their natural liquid and are cultivated into kings and queens. 

Major Recording Artist Big Head Bandz defines his affinity for women and illuminates their impact on modern music. ‘Just Another Day’ is Hip-Hop’s 2021 version of LL Cool J’s ‘Around The Way Girl.’ It doesn’t matter if you’re a gangster, hopeless romantic, or a modern-day ‘Morris Chesnut’ type guy; you connect emotionally with ‘Around The Way Girl.’ 

A woman’s beauty is not defined by physicality but via her commitment and capacity to empower men. ‘Just Another Day’ lyrics showcase a man reminiscing over his woman’s impact and her ability to provide balance. Big Head Bandz’s track ‘Just Another Day’ is heavily distributed on numerous Apple Music Playlists. ‘Just Another Day’ is the perfect soundtrack for a Saturday night drive with your Empress riding shotgun. Big Head Bandz is CEO of Got Bandz Entertainment, LLC and a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.