Record producer and Cinematographer, Weku Did That is gaining a lot of attention throughout the independent and mainstream music scene. The Nigerian-American talent born Victor Onyenweaku hails from the Central Florida area, he graduated from the University of Florida with honors majoring in criminology and minoring in film. He then went on to study for his masters degree in business and entrepreneurship also at the famed University of Florida, further solidifying is spot as one of the Gator Nations celebrity family. Weku initially started out singing and song writing on his pre-teen years then, shortly after entered into the realm of music production which is when his brand as a creative began to blossom. Him being a singer-songwriter and producer opened many doors for him and created many paths for him to walk on musically including, getting in front of major labels like Sony Epic and Roc Nation. Though these opportunities did not amount to major contract signings, the wealth of knowledge that he received and networks that were established are worth a lot more.

Shortly after putting in the well acclaimed 10,000 hours required to be considered a master at your profession, Weku went on to get into cinematography and directing. Since relocating to the Atlanta, Georgia area he has been the director of photography behind several independent and major projects. Completing projects nation wide for big company names like, Sprite, Kellogg’s, Red Bull, Nickelodeon, B.E.T, and much more he has definitely put what he studied at the University of Florida to use. Being that Weku has talents that range between Music production and Film he is constantly on the move adding his talents to projects nationwide and quickly becoming a brand that is known as a one stop shop.

Sound Engineering, Video Editing, and Composing, and brand managing can be added to his list of accomplishments. Weku Did That started seeing national recognition back in 2016 when he dawned a mask on Instagram while in his home studio producing music. With very few that have seen his face he can now be easily recognized by his signature full face mask, providing a mystique to his brand that is kin to what we see when we look at other masked celebrities like Daft Punk, Dead Mau5, and Marshmello to name a few. The multi-talented record producer recently released an instrumental album titled, The Case for R&B, VOL 1, in which he decided to spend time on a project fully produced with singers at the forefront. All though the project was intended for singers, it’s mix of classic, alternative and pop styles of R&B, entice even the hardest MC’s to get on and drop a few bars. The project currently has over 25,000 streams on Spotify within just a few months of its release which is great for an instrumental album. Weku Did That currently resides between Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia where he continues to build and maintain his brand working with creatives who have just as much passion for the arts as he does. Keep up with Weku Did That with the links below.




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