Developing a musical skill is an intellectually therapeutic process that has the potential to make people appear supernatural and sometimes immortal. In a studio, an artist looks like an ordinary person; however, once they step into the recording booth, their gifts emerge. An exceptional skill set is required to capture visions in lyrics of inspiration. We consume music for the purpose of inspiration, life direction, psychological motivation, and dreaming.  

A person’s ability to achieve new heights in life is enhanced by music, and it can empower others to strive for greater heights as well. 

Throughout his life, Derrick T. Lewis has pursued the greatness that has defined his purpose. His rich heritage exposed him to the entertainment industry as a child. 

“The Pretenders'” lead singer was his mother. In addition to gaining his “championship DNA,” Derrick possesses an unparalleled animal ambition from his father, a pivotal member of “The Drifters” group. 

The IMDB site lists over 20 of Derrick’s TV and movie credits. In addition to taking part in blockbuster films like ‘CREED,’ Derrick has appeared in numerous top TV series, such as ‘Perfect Murder. 

Derrick T. Lewis stepped away from music during COVID-19 and focused on personal development. So many events rocked, shaped, challenged, and transformed the world in 2020. Being a deep thinker and a historian of American history, Derrick leveraged this moment into a new motivation. Derrick T. Lewis’s latest music release, ‘Every Second’ (Make It Count), reflects his multi-diverse and rich musical background. ‘Every Second’ (Make It Count) marks a new chapter in Derrick T. Lewis’s life and showcases his desire to inspire hope into people’s lives worldwide.   

Derrick T. Lewis distributed ‘Every Second” via his label “Lew Siete Music”. Derrick T. Lewis is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE.  RADIOPUSHERS is a leading global music monetization agency for progressive indie artists.  RADIOPUSHERS is one of the most preeminent branding agencies in North America.