The year 2020 brought a great pandemic; on the other hand, this year has examined the psyche, willpower, and intellectual energy of the human community. As part of the current political climate, the Americans have been pressed to deal with uncomfortable cultural truths, speak out against systemic racism, and possibly defund law enforcement. The decade of 2020 seems to have captured the souls and minds of so many people, and almost everyone has experienced a significant cultural difference. 

George Floyd’s brutal and meaningless assassination sparked global protests and anger on social media across all racial groups. Over half a million people have died as a result of COVID, which has disrupted the U.S. economy and dependence on science. The world is under siege, and our government has no choice but to respond. 

Music has been a gift from God in the midst of this pandemic and difficult situation. Music industry losses, however, led artists to devise other revenue streams. The hip-hop genre is the most popular in the world. In the COVID period, hip-hop artists were encouraged to write music based on future interests and pain. 

XAYWAY, a leading recording artist/entrepreneur, introduces a new generation of hip-hop artists with his original, unfiltered passion, unconventional musical ability, and unmistakable rap style. The multimedia company, which includes music, film, and television divisions, and a global marketing section, is headed by XAYWAY. He is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE

RADIOPUSHERS is a leading music monetization agency for indie artists. 

The deep roots of his lineage and foundation in South Carolina help him stand firm 

XAYWAY acknowledges a staggering amount of racial pressure, street violence, and financial difficulties. XAYWAY’s music is a reflection of his unique life perspective and inner vision.