“Nothing in life can ever be attained only by waiting for the right opportunities,” says the founder of Jeweller Jack Ltd.

We might have heard tons of stories and got to know about the real journeys of people from across all the corners of the world. If we look closely, we would know that each one of them have something to teach us at a profound level. Some stories teach us to be more adaptable, some warn us to not waste more time in life, some show us the path to achieving excellence, while some others are a mixture of all these and much more. Jack Dean’s success story is absolutely that and connects with the deepest chords in our hearts as it is all about listening what the heart seeks and working towards the same tirelessly to turn it into a reality. Jack Dean is a charming and knowledgeable young guy from Sheffield, the UK, who’s passion for sports and entrepreneurship, both grew exponentially from a very early age.

Today, he sat down with us and threw light on his journey so far from being a footballer to becoming the founder of his custom jeweller brand Jeweller Jack Ltd. “Honestly, right now, I would ask you to pinch me, just to know whether all this is really happening, where I could see my brand grow from scratch to a certain position, where many prominent athletes of the world want to wear my custom designs and creations. Believe me, it is such a surreal feeling,” says the young entrepreneurial talent. Jack Dean recalls how as a kid he fell in love with football and at age 10, played for Manchester United academy, till he turned 16 years. He then left school and signed for Fulham football club, where he moved to London.

He gave three years to the club and then left London to do something in the world of business. Why business, you ask? Well, Jack Dean confesses that as a player he never found any one-on-one personal service for jewellery. As he saw this gap in the industry, he desired to get into the custom jewellery markets and create his own niche. After many setbacks, and no support from anyone else in the industry, as a self-motivated man, Jack Dean in 2018 initiated his luxurious brand named Jeweller Jack Ltd, catering to footballers all around the world. In just a few years, the brand has earned a long list of clients, including many well-known athletes from around the world.

Even after achieving so much at such a young age, Jack Dean feels he has just begun and there’s a long way to go to earn many more feats in the custom jewellery industry.

To know more about Jack’s work, follow him on Instagram@jackdean_

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