Doing a simple job with average pay is not enough in today’s era if you want to fulfill your lavish dreams. Everybody wants to live a peaceful financial-issues-free life. To do so, some approach the business world but fail to make it through it as they do not think about the techniques or do not value those techniques. However, some people are God gifted with a mind full of such business techniques; but some still fail because of the lack of confidence and determination. Others who are full of courage, will strength and skills, make the world wonder. Today we are talking about one of such persons Ahmad Mahmud who shook the business world, so young yet so much mature mind.   

Ahmad Mahmud is a young Palestinian entrepreneur possessing a great business mind and experience. He is the owner of five barbershops in Dubai. His major property dealing is residential buildings. Originally, he is from Germany but later came to Dubai seeking business opportunities. As we all know, Dubai is one of those top states which are believed to be ‘places full of opportunities’. Ahmad acknowledged it, went to Dubai and established his kingdom there.  In a very short time, he managed to earn an honorable name among the elites and rich. Today, he has his own company where more than a hundred people work for him.

Ahmad Mahmud Business World

From the beginning, Ahmad was interested in the business world so when he came to Dubai to settle, he started with real estate dealings. His work includes accessing plots, converting them into residential or commercial buildings, and selling to demanding clients. Talking about clients, Ahmad Mahmud believes that clients are the most significant factor of a deal. If you can make your clients satisfied, it means you are going to be successful in your project. He shared publicly with his colleagues about how they can be successful in winning the hearts of their clients. According to Ahmad, the following points can help them.

·         Behave with gratitude.

·         Listen to them attentively. Make points of what they want.

·         Offer them exactly what they demand.

·         Let them understand your way of work.

·         Never try to make a fool of them.

Ahmad gets a lot of affection from his clients even after the deals. If you look for it, he has got amazing feedback from his thousands of clients.  

Ahmad did not limit himself there. After some progress in his business, he managed to buy barber shops in UAE and created a tourism company to expand his business.

Ahmad Mahmud’s other Activities

That is not all of Ahmad. Being young, he enjoys doing various fun activities with his friends such as bike riding, car riding, gun shooting practice, and exploring new restaurants. Being a foodie, he loves to try new bistros and whenever get a chance to go to dinner with his friends.

Future Plans of Ahmad Mahmud

After exploring multiple restaurants, Ahmad got the urge to open a restaurant. Recently, he shared some of his plans which he summarized: come into the restaurant business and E-commerce as well. We wish good luck to Ahmad for his future.

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