The critically acclaimed Malayalam film “The Great Indian Kitchen,” which is being remade as “Mrs.” by filmmaker Arati Kadav, will be screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) in 2024.

The official festival website states that the film, which is billed as a moving examination of resilience, will be shown over two days.

Best known for “Cargo” from 2019, Kadav is also listed as a writer for the film alongside Harman Baweja and Anu Singh Chaudhary.

Malhotra plays dance instructor Richa in “Mrs.” Richa instantly connects with the affluent doctor Diwakar.

However, she quickly discovers herself in an overdone, tasteless happily ever after that is tinged with stubbornness, smugness, and misogyny. Every issue can be solved in the kitchen. Thus, Richa defies male dominance by lovingly and devotedly preparing delicious meals, according to the official plot summary.

Production companies Jyoti Deshpande, Harman Baweja, and Pammi Baweja are behind the film, which also stars Nishant Dahiya and Kanwaljit Singh. Jio Studios and Baweja Studios are presenting it together.

Jeo Baby wrote the screenplay and directed the first Malayalam film, “The Great Indian Kitchen”. The main actors in it were Suraj Venjaramoo and Nimisha Sajayan.

Alongside Aishwarya Rajesh and Rahul Ravindran, the movie was also remade in Tamil under the same name. R Kannan was the director.

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