Simone is becoming one of the brightest growing stars in the music industry as an independent artist, songwriter, and producer. With a brand new single, “Didn’t Mean It” out now, off of her upcoming EP, it’s a good time to get familiar with an independent star on the rise.

With every independent artist, there is a certain level of DIY involved, but Simone prides herself on taking that to the next level. And though she is a pop artist, her goal remains to carve out her own niche sound within that genre. We asked her about this and what makes her stand out, and she had this to say:

“I’m an independent pop artist who writes and produces all of my own music. My songwriting style is pop but this isn’t like pop you’ve heard before, the sound is unique to my style. I write music about all sorts of stories on the journey, things that we can all vibe with and connect on. I hope that Duality helps anyone listening feel seen and heard in this rollercoaster of a time! “

The good news, with the release of her upcoming EP, she’ll have that opportunity sooner rather than later.

As for the new single, it’s an energetic pop song that has us reminiscing about the days of going out and enjoying the club life. With an upbeat and fun beat and her vocal prowess on full display, it’s a song that’ll leave you wanting to hit the replay button over and over again.

Simone is an artist that focuses on writing powerful pop tracks that bring an edge that will hook her listeners. With “Didn’t Mean It” as a wonderful teaser for the release, we asked her what fans could expect from the full EP, and she had this to say:

“Duality is an edgier take on my previous style. I wanted to showcase new production styles that I’ve been experimenting with that feel more emotive and the music I wrote  for this EP highlights the dark and light that is in us all, while showcasing that in the music production. “Didn’t Mean It” is the start of my upcoming EP and has a more 80’s feel meant to make you want to dance while bringing light to the fact that when we’ve been quarantined for too long we might say or do things we don’t necessarily mean but should address and forgive ourselves for. The compilation of music for this EP is a mix of dreamy moments and 80s pop vibes. The EP will be about human nature and love, whether it be taking ownership for our shadow side or stepping into the light of our relationships and bringing our best selves to the table. “Didn’t Mean It” is about the shadow side but with a fun, dance, feel.”

As we mentioned, this song will make you miss the night club life and be ready for a post COVID world. Being an artist in this new reality comes with it’s own set of challenges. The impact of COVID on listeners is not lost on Simone and it even made an impact on the theme of the EP.

“This year, in all the time we’ve spent in quarantine, like many of us I’ve been made aware of emotions that I may need to feel my way through more deeply, instead of being able to rush through things as we normally would when the world was still open for business. In the past my music was all about finding joy through empowerment and uplifting attitudes towards life but Duality is about embracing the dark and the light, not just the fun times but the hard times as well. We can’t free ourselves if we’re burying our emotions. I wanted to write music that really makes you feel like you can acknowledge your feelings fully and to also be able to dance through them.”

The duality theme is immediately apparent in the new single and you can hear the star quality from the first note on. Sometimes you just hear a song, and you know the artist is a future star, and that’s what you get with Simone.

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