He is a CEO in the gaming industry, creating his favourite characters and bringing them to life in videos games and Web3; that is how he thrives as an entrepreneur.

No matter how much ever we speak about a few people taking over their desired industries, it still feels much more discussions are needed around them for the world to understand their intelligence and genius. Many such geniuses are born every day across different industries of the world, who showcase what really turns an ordinary individual into an extraordinary success story. They also face their challenges, overcome them and then go ahead in building a robust career for them to become well-recognized names in their respective industries. Among all these, we noticed how cosplayer, model, content creator/influencer, and entrepreneur Wilsonstillrunning made the maximum buzz around him and his work.

Wilsonstillrunning is one of those rare talented beings who, since the beginning of his journey, has remained determined to achieve his goals one by one. Some of his goals include taking over the niches he chooses to lay his hands on and turning into a sought-after business owner across the world. Jumping into the tech and gaming space was only quite a natural decision for him, for he was always into video games, reading Manga, and watching anime. He thought he could create his own favourite characters and bring them to life through video games and Web3, and that’s what he did, becoming a CEO in the gaming sector.

Coming this far in the industry, where he even remained an investor for several promising tech start-ups, he has indeed created a unique success story of his at a very young age, which is a feat only a few have been able to achieve, especially in the past few years. Wilsonstillrunning believes that his dedication to the tech space and cultural diversity travelling the world, making Croatia his second home, has helped him stand distinctive from the rest in the industry.

Now, Wilsonstillrunning (@wilsonstillrunning) can’t wait to also be a part of the events and entertainment world and do much more in the world of entrepreneurship in the upcoming years.

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