Nadikar, the much awaited movie with Tovino Thomas in the title role, is almost ready for release in May 2024. Soubin Shahir plays a crucial role in the film, which is directed by actor-filmmaker Lal Jr. The project was formerly known as Nadikar Thilakam, as was previously reported. But for reasons that are still unknown, the creators later removed the second word from the title. Leading man Tovino and his group, meanwhile, today posted the eagerly anticipated Nadikar teaser on social media.

Teaser for Nadikar: As a “delusional” superstar, Tovino is going to win people over

It is safe to assume that director Lal Jr. is returning with another story of a superstar following the hugely successful Driving License, based on the extremely promising teaser for Nadikar that is currently going viral on the internet. The performance of lead actor Tovino Thomas, who portrays David Padikkal, a young Malayalam movie star, is the teaser’s greatest highlight. With its mention of an injustice experienced by the protagonist’s family and the impending uprising, the 1.26-minute teaser opens on a somber note.

But later on in the Nadikar teaser, things change, and we meet David Padikkal, a young superstar with a colorful lifestyle. “He is a delusional superstar who continues to think of himself as the biggest name in the motion picture business. Even after delivering hit after hit, David is adamant that he is still a household name and will not work with “old-school” filmmakers.” He is depicted by the media as a “undeserving, clueless fool who thinks he is some sort of superhero” in the meantime. The character of Soubin Shahir then appears and asks him to identify “Padikkal.”

In the first few moments of the Nadikar teaser, well-known actress Bhavana makes a fleeting appearance that suggests she is in fact involved in the project. The teaser concludes with a hilarious scene starring Chandu Salimkumar as Tovino’s character David Padikkal and his devoted fan. Nadikar is guaranteed to be entertaining for Malayalam viewers thanks to its well-executed comedic moments, sporadic serious moments, and strong cameos from Tovino, Bhavana, Soubin, Chanthu, and other actors.

Nadikar, Tovino’s second theatrical release of the year, is scheduled to debut on May 3, 2024, as previously reported. Five languages—Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi—will be released nationwide for the Lal Jr. film. It is anticipated that an official announcement on the subject will arrive very soon.

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