According to The Information, Apple intends to use language models in iOS 18 to improve Siri’s intelligence. With voice-based commands, Apple wants Siri to assist users in automating complex, multi-step tasks.

For instance, Siri might be able to take a series of five pictures, convert them into a GIF, and then send the GIF to a friend all in one go. The Shortcuts app currently supports automatic photo to GIF conversion, but manual setup is required.

The Shortcuts app’s functionality will be comparable to Siri’s, and it is likely that Siri will integrate with Shortcuts more deeply. Shortcuts are now an integral part of the iPhone operating system and can be used to perform a variety of highly effective automated tasks. Apple maintains a gallery of Shortcut options for a variety of uses, including the creation of chore lists and removing backgrounds from images.

According to The Information, Apple intends to include the new Siri capabilities in iOS 18, which will be included in the operating system for the iPhone. Apple’s rival Google is also working to upgrade Google Assistant with language model software that can handle more complex tasks. As a result, Apple may want to launch similar functionality around the same time as Google or beat Google to the punch.

Due primarily to Apple’s emphasis on privacy and security, the company’s Siri personal assistant has long been criticized for being significantly behind voice assistants from other companies like Google and Alexa. With the adoption of language models for Siri, Apple will need to find a balance between privacy and functionality. The iOS 17 update, which will be released to the public in just a few weeks, has very little new Siri functionality, but it does include key functionality that would be a precursor to multi-step tasks. Many Siri tasks are performed on-device rather than through a cloud server. In contrast to iOS 16, Siri in iOS 17 is able to recognize and respond to multiple requests in succession without having to be reactivated. You don’t need to make two separate requests if you ask Siri for the time and then ask her to text your friend to let them know you’ll be late.

Apple is also removing the “Hey” wake word from iOS 17, so you can now simply say “Siri” to activate the personal assistant. Siri’s interactions become more natural as a result of the removal of “Hey.”

iOS 18’s feature set will likely be unveiled at the 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference due to Apple’s strict release schedule.

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