Most people believe that colossal professional success can somehow be attained through standard methodologies, and oftentimes, talented individuals spend years searching for a big breakthrough; However, for successful entrepreneurs the path to consolidation is almost never a straightforward one. Visionary businesspeople find themselves having to overcome countless obstacles on the road to success.

For people who refuse to give up, the rewards can be bountiful. Not only in terms of monetary or social status, but also thanks to the lessons learned they often find a way to inspire and empower those around them. For Djibril Gibson Kagni – a multi-award winning music producer, branding expert, investor and philanthropist- the real reward has been the sincere appreciation he has earned from those who know him.

A devoted father, tenacious innovator and selfless mentor to countless up and coming entrepreneurs and artists, Gibson has built a sterling reputation for himself by always being upfront and honest with people.

After achieving numerous professional milestones, both in the United States and overseas, Gibson has devoted his time, wisdom and energy to the development of America´s first ultra premium creative compound located in the most prestigious area of Atlanta, and set to open its doors later this year.

As an investor and talent developer, Kagni has always recognized untapped potential; Thanks to his vision and dedication, many of today´s chart-topping artists, powerful online celebrities and even a new generation of business executives have attained success, in many cases, thanks to Gibson´s generosity when it comes to sharing his vast knowledge and powerful industry connections.

The young mogul granted us an interview, where he shared key insights to reach personal and professional goals, regardless of outer conditions and circumstances.

1. As a successful music producer, entrepreneur and investor what has been the biggest lesson you have learned?

The biggest lesson I have learned throughout my all career is that discipline is the foundation of success. You can´t materialize big goals if you´re not consistent and committed in everything you are doing.

2. What do you look for in a project or venture before getting involved?

I always look for motivated people who want to work without looking at the money aspect first. The reason is that if you only calculate the money you´ll make, you have already failed your agenda. You have to learn trough the process by making mistakes then you can correct the errors for a successful outcome.

3. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced during your successful career and how did you manage to overcome it?

The biggest challenge I faced was mostly betrayal, you fight so hard to help people to get to the top and then you realize how most of them can’t handle success. I learned to understand and forgive, no matter how many times people burn you, take it a blessing and pray for them to you because God is above all of us. That´s how you keep growing, regardless of the challenges and disappointments you might face along the way.

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