21-year-old Drayson Little says that business is a rollercoaster with many ups and downs but it is worth holding on for the result – he has a million arguments that say he is right.

Of course you can’t expect everything in business to be plain sailing and many will go into it knowing that it is like a rollercoaster ride. But as Drayson Little has proved, it is a ride worth staying on. He is still only 21, yet he has already amassed sales of over $2 million since he began his drop shipping e-commerce business back in his sophomore year.

He was actually off school after having his tonsils removed when he started his first ecommerce web store. At first it was just iPhone covers that he was selling. He then moved onto expensive clothing and other accessories. It was not even a year before the business began turning profits-he hadn’t even graduated from school yet!

During his junior years he even had success making a good few thousand dollars affiliate marketing. Drayson admits that at first he was a bit reckless with spending the money that he was making, but he learned a valuable lesson at a young age and has now been able to get it together enough in a business sense to be the proud owner of multiple successful e-commerce websites! These stores now offer an extensive range of products and enjoy lots of regular traffic.

Another thing that can make business seem like a rollercoaster is the battle against the competition. Every industry has its competitors but e-commerce is particularly fierce, and it is currently a tricky landscape to navigate with the state of the economy. So how does Drayson Little stay ahead of the rivals? He says it is by offering great customer service and understanding customer needs, highlighting a particular understanding over his rivals in regards to what makes a customer choose impulse purchases. He also recognizes the importance of good website design.

It is clear to see that Drayson has been able to ride the often tricky path of business and steer things into a very good position, one that is no doubt extra welcome during these especially turbulent times. He would like to share his success story to inspire others, appearing on stage when it is possible to do so, talking about the amazing ride he has had. He also has an ambition to help other thriving businesses earn a good income from drop shipping and having their own successful e-commerce business.

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