What a year it’s been for Pauly Long and his team at MineSet! In a year where other business had to file for bankruptcy or significantly decrease in growth or size, the motivational and business coach has launched his company to success.

From the stages and audiences of hundreds, to zoom conferences and course, to developing his company’s app. Pauly Long has adapted to all challenges this year has thrown at his business with success and also been a go to platform for other people that took a step back from their ‘normal’ life during these change bringing times.

Long started MineSet at the beginning of the year, after realizing how many people around him were actually constantly appreciative of his advice and blooming after spending time with him. The feedback that he received inspired him to discover his real purpose and start his business,
including the Shift program that approaches all fields in life.

With the pandemic forcing majority of people to overthink their daily routines and patterns, they were looking for advice, ways to strengthen their minds, change their outlooks on the situatio and approach life differently in the bigger picture.

And turned to the right address, as countless success stories have proven.

Soon the followers and clients will receive a new exclusive option to enjoy the services and communicate with Pauly Long and his team. Pauly Long recently announced his team are developing an app that will bring together the benefits of all platforms for his clients and make sure he is in touch with them through an even more personal channel.

As the changes we are currently facing seem to be permanent, the request for his services is only going to continue to grow. It will be interesting to see how innovative and creative MineSet keep adapting to these challenges and built their community!

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