On September 6, the well-known burger chain with its headquarters in New York City opened its newest Lynnwood location at 18800 Alderwood Mall Parkway. The Drive-Thru is the restaurant’s first in the Pacific Northwest and its fourth in Washington.

Additionally, Shake Shack has locations in Kirkland, Seattle’s University Village, and Downtown Seattle in Washington.

According to Amanda Wochnick, Shake Shack Area Director for Oregon and Washington, who spoke with the Lynnwood Times, “looking at Lynnwood and its community, seeing what we could bring to the table, definitely played a huge part in [deciding on Lynnwood].” It works out well. It made perfect sense to visit Alderwood.

The Lynnwood location has parking, a partially covered patio, and a drive-through with two lanes. In addition, the brand-new structure has large windows, outdoor dining furniture, a steel canopy that wraps around the structure and provides protection for pedestrians and drivers passing through.

In order to improve efficiency, employees who are positioned as “line busters” meet vehicles in both drive-through lanes and take orders using iPads.

Wochnick mentioned that the restaurant aims for an 8-minute wait in the dining room and a 7-minute wait in the drive-thru. She went on to say that it takes longer than at other fast-food restaurants due to the fact that they are still making fresh milkshakes and smashing burgers to order.

Customers can reduce wait times by downloading the Shake Shack app, which is available for both iOS and Android and lets them place orders in advance. She added that pickup orders should only be retrieved in the dining room.

According to city records, Matt Wilson of Chandler Signs applied for a variance for two drive-thru menu signs along Alderwood Mall Parkway on behalf of Shake Shack in April. On May 2, that application was deemed finished.

Recently, Zebra Architecture sent Lynnwood Development and Building Services a project design review outlining some of the project’s ideas.

Shake Shack opened in New York City’s Madison Square Park in 2001 as a stand-alone hotdog stand as part of the city’s effort to rebrand and repurpose the park, which had become neglected.

With over 400 locations worldwide, what began as a single hot dog stand in New York City has grown into one of the fastest-growing fast food chains. Its menu now includes burgers, crinkle fries, and the Shake Shack’s famous milkshake. The average Shake Shack hamburger costs between $4.75 and $7.7.

We might have a global presence. Even though we have more than 400 shacks, we still try to think small. Wochnick stated, “We continue to try to think of ways in which we can reach out to Lynnwood and be a part of their community.”

Wochnick has been Area Manager since the end of May. Before that, she worked for Shake Shack for seven years, spending two years in Las Vegas, three years in Colorado, and two years in Cedar Hills, Oregon. Before that, she was a general manager for Shake Shack.

Before opening the first Shake Shack restaurant, Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer established himself in the New York City restaurant scene by opening the Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, and Cafe 2 in the Museum of Modern Art.

CNBC says that the average Shake Shack location makes $4 million, which is more than twice as much as the average McDonald’s. The Lynnwood location’s construction is valued at $1 million, according to permit records.

After the most recent openings of the Fogo de Chu steakhouse last month and the Avalon Bay apartment complexes’ “live, work, play” addition last year, the Shake Shack at Alderwood is the most recent dining and shopping option in Lynnwood’s City Center.

According to Wochnick, “it’s a great company to work for, the pay is amazing, we offer great benefits, and we offer paid time off.” Being a part of it is a pleasure in and of itself.”

When Shake Shack opens its first-ever food court at Southcenter’s Westfield Shopping Center later this month, they will have accomplished yet another first. Additionally, it intends to open a new location in October in Bridgeport, Oregon.

Additionally, a few new locations will open in 2024 and 2025; however, Shake Shack was unable to provide any additional information regarding these expansions in the Pacific Northwest.

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