Her meaningful ventures have helped make the dreams of others come true and how.

Entering one’s desired field in itself can prove to be a arduous task, let alone making it huge in the same. Still, there have been a few people and professionals who have done that, instilling more motivation in others to do the same by following their dreams and working determinedly toward their goals. Topping the list of such astute professionals is Diana Gerrard in the fashion events and PR niches, who is today a Fashion Icon in the industry for all reasons right. She is the proud President/National Director of Mrs. Universe UAE, Mrs. Universe Saudi Arabia , Founder/Chief Executive Officer of DLK Fashion Shows, and also a well-known speaker, Emirate’s Business Woman Council, beauty pageants organizer, international producer, and charity ambassador.

 Today, she comes forward to talk about the ever-changing world of public relations stating that it has been evolving continuously with new technologies and the many new issues that the industry faces. Since the pandemic, everything has moved digital, and even journalists have seen an overload of pitches due to the vast number of channels available to PRs. It is now more about creating an attention-grabbing and interesting pitch email or press release, which must easily pique the interest of the target demographic. Hence, focusing on online PR is extremely important to keep audiences up-to-date. PR is a long-term investment and can provide people with the long-term benefits of consistent engagement.
She explains that consistent engagement is vital to stay relevant in the public sphere and solidifying market share. PR that is cost-effective, efficient, and engaging can be the ticket to standing out from the rest. Even amidst the current state of affairs with inflation, recession, and rising costs, a focused PR strategy can change the game for businesses. Explaining further, she highlights how PR is imperative to maintain and nurture relationships with current stakeholders and provides a great chance to develop beneficial relationships that focus on longevity.

Over more than a decade, Diana Gerrard (@diana_gerrard_new) has immersed herself in the niche and has made sure to spare no effort in making giant strides in the same with her focused PR strategies and techniques for all her ventures.

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