F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me, in a way that unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand.”

It is a simple fact of life that the very wealthy are often perceived as a breed apart. Their way of life is often envied and sought after but never attained. Consequently, many believe that the secret of getting rich is unattainable. Yet, entrepreneur Chris Naugle is here to tell everyone that the secrets of the wealthy can be possessed by anyone. What’s more, he’s laid out the easy-to-follow road map in the book he’s co-authored with Brent Kesler, Mapping Out The Millionaire Mystery.

America’s number one money mentor and the host of ‘Risky Builders’ explained, “Most Americans have spent their entire lives doing what the system told them to do. They’ve been taught to relinquish control of their finances and trust in financial systems such as banks. They’ve been told to take on additional risk whilst forsaking their financial freedom, and they’ve been told that others know best when it comes to looking after their money.”

Naugle added, “That’s why so many Americans spend their time buckling under a never-ending burden of debt as their retirement plans diminish and other people get rich off their hard-earned money. This way of things has to change.”

To usher in that change, Naugle and Kesler have diligently put together Mapping Out The Millionaire Mystery, which offers simple yet practical advice on how to make money work for you and generate further wealth.

Naugle explained, “Like everyone else, I once thought I knew how money worked, and that if I entrusted the bank to look after my finances I would be ok. Wrong! I have since discovered different concepts of money strategy and how to become your own bank, and it’s been like an epiphany. I now know how to make my money work for me and use it to recycle even more money. It may sound like hyperbole, but the concepts and strategies I have learned outside the standard financial system are bulletproof and can help end your debt and turn your life around.”

The Millionaire Mystery is billed as the “guide you’ve been waiting for,” and with more and more people desperate to escape a never-ending cycle of debt and financial hardship, it could just be the golden ticket for millions.

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