Fahda Romie is a Jamaican who has been making the most of his name even in the midst of the UAE, particularly Dubai, as an impending rapper.

All as the years progressed, we as a whole have caught wind of many individuals who have not just demonstrated incredible energy and drive for what they wish to accomplish throughout everyday life except have additionally put forth the vital attempts in transforming everything they could ever hope for into the real world. The universe of music is the place where consistently new ability is conceived yet do every one of these newcomers get an opportunity that should not be taken lightly to make it tremendous in the immense and serious music industry? All things considered, unquestionably each one of the individuals who are sufficiently resolved to go past limits and make achievements with their melodic ability are the ones that arrive at the top. One such forthcoming rapper is Fahda Romie, whose given name is Jerome Downes from Jamaica, yet the person who discovered his way into the music scene in the Middle East in late 2017, explicitly in Dubai, and from that point forward has never thought back.

In any case, the excursion for this youth was not a bed of rose and he needed to experience numerous preliminaries and blunders to jump on his way to progress. While in Dubai, Fahda Romie at first filled in as a server in a prominent West Indian idea eatery, where he worked dedicatedly and intrigued everybody around him. Be that as it may, some place he thought he missed on something and felt a journey to accomplish considerably more throughout everyday life. This was the point at which he got pulled in towards composing verses and conveying the equivalent vocally and understood his actual potential. Karma supported him and he found the opportunity to voice on a specific beat, out of the couple of instrumentals a maker had sent him. In December 2017, Fahda Romie was prepared with his first composition, which sadly didn’t get recorded until mid 2019.

He started his excursion with the track named ‘Excursion’, which later had lost its flash with many giving blended input. In any case, in 2019 he again got an opportunity to deal with an instrumental, which was sent by his maker Julio. On a similar instrumental he composed a 4 and a half minutes long melodic tune and recorded the equivalent in his room. The youthful rapper, who once lost expectation due to the not all that great criticism he had gotten for his last track, begun acquiring certainty to work more enthusiastically as his tune “Suggest” acquired extraordinary input even before it was designed. The track was a particularly hit that it was shipped off Chad, his companion and music maker, who blended and dominated the equivalent.

The vibe and the sound of the melody were noteworthy to the point that Fahda Romie chose to deliver across all stages on December 31st 2019, which was incredibly acclaimed and generally welcomed by audience members and music sweethearts. Even subsequent to getting gotten so well from individuals, an accomplished individual in the music scene gave not all that great criticism about the track and Fahda Romie chose to join with Rastarocket, an extremely experienced Jamaican performer, who trained and tutored him.

With more practice and learnings, Fahda Romie alongside Rastarocket and Dj Ranger recorded various tracks after quite a while after week. Everything was incredible until Rastarocket moved back to the US to rejoin with his family. This episode urged Fahda Romie to stroll on his excursion alone and set up his studio. Today Fahda Romie works with a gifted maker in Jamaica, Codelank and together they have made extraordinary tracks in different classifications. The adolescent has chosen to gather a portion of the tracks for his EP, which he is eager to deliver on December 31st 2020, for praising the commemoration of his first acceptable delivery. The EP has tunes like Recommend, Vortex, Quasar Freestyle, Program, Sheik up di place, Drilling, East Rave.

With his expanding certainty to assume control over the universe of rap and music as a high-performing and forthcoming craftsman, Fahda Romie is good to go to break music outlines with his new EP this December, so hang tight for it.

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