Becoming the primary DJ from Cyprus to go to Dubai, Spain, and the UK, Gencay Dokmecioglu otherwise known as DJ Youngmoon has procured worldwide recognition.

In media outlets, it is exceptionally hard to make your stamp and get acknowledgment for a lifetime. Specialists go back and forth, yet not many keep at it and stay for a long stretch. These specialists drive their profession with sheer coarseness, assurance, and unflinching enthusiasm for their ability, to be fruitful in their craft. Among them is a DJ, who has upset the craftsmanship with his praiseworthy music-blending and the capacity to play to the state of mind of the audience members, he is Gencay Dokmecioglu otherwise known as DJ Youngmoon.

Having a place from Cyprus, DJ Youngmoon has ascended to the highest point of the business, having being DJing since 2015. He is a 25-year-old who has been granted different renowned DJ grants. DJ Youngmoon wanted to tune in to music in his youth, and consistently hoped to explore different avenues regarding it. He’d tune in to various types of music, from around the globe. Being an extraordinary artist also, he became acquainted with about the calling of DJ, when he saw one at his school’s gathering. From that point forward, he was interested about it and upon additional examination, became hopelessly enamored with it. Yet, this is when things got intense for him, he got no help from the individuals who knew him and sought after his energy of turning into a DJ against the might chances. He gave 200 percent exertion and difficult work and constructed his contacts naturally. He decidedly responded to the obstacles and continued dealing with his craft perseveringly.

DJ Youngmoon’s energy and obligation to his work assisted him with landing DJ positions at Ayia Napa, in famous clubs like Ambassaden Bar, Nissi Beach, Sin Club, Europe Castle Club. He moved to Dubai in 2018 for better work openings. His assurance to be the best DJ, assisted him with developing his ability, as he got DJ for Spain (Ibiza and Marbella), UK’s BBC1XTRA, and BBC Asian Network – a popular radio broadcast on the planet. His hard working attitude has driven him to play DJ before 200-300 individuals, working the entire night till the morning. He tries to make his own music and wishes to see 3000 individuals dance together on his music. In the wake of being five years into the business, DJ Youngmoon has worked with many first rate specialists and DJs and his enthusiasm for it just continues to increment.

He is additionally the principal DJ to play in Dubai, Spain, and the UK. DJ Youngmoon otherwise known as Gencay Dokmecioglu has shown splendid specialty with unflinching energy, which has caused him to arise as a first rate DJ, all around the world. To connect with him, follow him on Instagram @officialyoungmoon.

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