When you see someone who’s very successful, you almost imagine that it was a foregone conclusion, that they’re a genius, that they were destined for great things. Well, in real picture, the big takeaway is failure and setbacks, far from being uncommon and are in many ways essential. Well, the version today is Joy Richardson, a fashion model for a change.

Born on 13th August 1998, in a small town of South Carolina, named Summerville, Joy R. Richardson belongs to a military family. Ever since he started taking Interest in arts, music, and sports, it always went against the laws as joy pertained to a family of army disciples.

However, a turn of fate can flip one’s life to an extreme, it then Joy’s role that took a spin and he moved to the island of Guam. The culture and the people out there were full of life and Joy felt fortunate enough to live a part of his life in such an edifying place where fashion was not less than a sense of livelihood. He learnt everything possible till high school and also took the inspiration to keep for life.

Joy’s 18’s was solely braced and capped for the navy. He moved to Yokosuka, Japan in the only hope that this will be the only life he will be greasing ahead. Though everything was running smoothly on the face, deep inside, not leading the life he ever wished for was making Joy weak in his own self. Thoughts became more negative as the relationships didn’t work out well with him and the values got decreased that led him to think more of the suicidal side. Then and only then, Joy decided to put a full stop and rebooted his life.

In 2019, Joy flabbergasted everyone with his amazing work and reeled off with his own clothing brand “Joy Clothing Store”, which he used to stargaze every passing day as a child. This all bloomed his personality on the line and made him think out the box again.

Furthermore, he also unveiled his modelling knack, but a twist associated with it. Choosing the feminine phase over the gender bias art, Joy believes that art can never be gender-stereotyped. He said ‘when we think of modeling, we think of beautiful and powerful females who take over the art to its finest place’. This inspired him in the heart and made him work as a female artist in the field of arts and fashion modelling.

As people didn’t interpret new standards as per their conventional image, they all started scapegoating Joy by every means possible and even dragged him down by tagging him in the name of ‘gay’. The journey has been a tough trail and it made Joy get stronger and more powerful with time.

A proud father, a recognized model, an entrepreneur and of course an inspiration, Joy took it all through the tough times. He wishes that if even a few could inspire their route with his journey, it would indeed be a successful life for him. Well, it goes without saying that the popular fashion model, Joy R. Richardson is absolutely a model for change and an icon to reminisce forever.

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