We live in the world of entertainment, movies and cinema form a major part of our lives. Cinema and films are a form of expression and are a piece of art in themselves. But every piece of this art goes through rigorous process of hard work and precision before being presented to us. Thousands of people are involved On and off the screen to make it happen. In Today’s feature we’ll be looking at One such eminent personality from the industry itself. Yes we are talking about Orlando John, A renowned artist and hollywood manager & producer, who is praised in the industry for his hard work and commitment towards his work. He currently manages some of the top Hollywood stars and musicians like Joel Kinnaman, Rick Yune, Robert Davi, Kelly Gale, Julio Iglesias, Cleo Kinnaman, Wyclef Jean and Filatov & Karas to name a few. Managing such a mammoth lineup of amazing artists and actors isn’t easy but Orlando with his hard work and dedication has managed to stay at the top of the industry for the last 25 years. As The Founder and CEO of Orlando John Ltd. he has always stood for promoting the best talent which deserves recognition. The company started it’s operations back in 1997 which then operated using a different name from a small city in Sweden. Today Orlando John represents some of the most talented profiles within their group with offices in Stockholm, Riga & Bangkok operate in over 100 countries. The company itself boasts of a dedicated talent buyer division helping promoters acquire talent for their events in form of concerts, corporate events and private events etc. Orlando John also helps companies around the globe book their talent. The experience speaks for itself and John is the best testament for that.
Orlando John latest project is Coins a project started out as a podcast turned into a documentary with some of the leading profiles in cryptocurrency.

COINS is the first ever production to tell the full story of cryptocurrency from its early beginnings to today. This series shows it all, the scams, the drugs, the hacks, the billionaires and the bankrupt.

See all episodes of Coins on YouTube. Episode 1 here: https://youtu.be/sXKoJhDW3bs

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