The music industry is one that, although becoming increasingly competitive, has allowed success to many talented individuals. One of these is 1 Shot Mac, whose real name is Troy Anthony McGee Jr. Born on the 3rd of April, 1988, and hailing from Michigan, USA, 1 Shot Mac is creating a following for himself as an up-and-coming R&B singer, songwriter, and producer.

1 Shot Mac’s first step toward falling in love with music came at the age of seven or eight. With the curiosity of being a child and having an environment that nurtured his talents, 1 Shot Mac soon found himself as a master of several instruments, including the drums, guitar, keyboard, saxophone, and trumpet. However, by the time he was 15, life had already thrown one of the biggest challenges you can face. For the next two years, 1 Shot Mac was homeless. To make ends meet he worked as a janitor at the performing arts school’s recording studio where he was enrolled. Most days he also took shelter there.

When things began looking up again 1 Shot Mac instantly took up his original passion for music in any way he could. “I used to ghostwrite and produce songs for artists for money and do work for hire singing gigs for artists locally”, 1 Shot Mac explains. In 2009, at 21 years of age, 1 Shot Mac began creating music professionally, but it was only in 2018 that he took up his now well-renowned stage name. His new hit single “I’m Home”, has peaked at rank 28 on the iTunes Top 40 charts, which has further solidified his position in the industry. Since he had never had any mentor, professionals in the industry are often surprised at the level of refinement 1 Shot Mac shows. “I offer music that resonates the soul with a smooth, lush, and unique vocal style and a one-of-a-kind signature musical arrangement.”, 1 Shot Mac elaborates to be the reason for his success.

Although already having achieved quite a big marker of success, 1 Shot Mac remains humble and is always thankful for all those who support him. In the long run, 1 Shot Mac has goals of collaborating with artists such as Lucky Daye or Jacob Latimore. He also hopes to keep making music that can wow and enamor, to the point of hitting Billboard charts or allowing him to at least be nominated for a Grammy Award. Lofty dreams, but with the drive and determination 1 Shot Mac has shown already, nothing is impossible.

Make sure you stay updated about this rising artist and support future endeavors from this natural talent. Unlike his name, 1 Shot Mac is absolutely not a one-shot wonder! To connect with 1 Shot Mac, follow him on his social media profiles linked below:





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