One of the biggest rules of achieving success is to follow a path for which you have enough motivation. Do what makes you happy, inspire and learn something new everyday and at the same time something which holds potential for the future. Germany based Florian Sondershausen turned into a digital entrepreneur from a gamer, all because he saw a lot of scope in the area.

Almost every business we see flourishing today is immensely active on the internet. Florian had foreseen it and hence started learning quite early in his career. He is a fast learner and hence in no time he mastered it, so much so that he is now helping others to understand digital finance.

Florian Sondershausen is quite a famous name in his industry and making huge money himself. Talking about the motivation behind all this he says, “More security and more freedom are the most common motivations of the more than 100 partners for entering digitization.”

The digital finance expert is a founder and managing director of Sondershausen Media GmbH. Along with his partner, Christian Haag, he helps people regarding how to get involved and position themselves in digitization with the right values.

“We accompany our partners primarily in building and scaling investment processes towards psychology and even discipline, as well as planning and implementing community & and non-profit. In plain language, it doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are, as long as loyalty & honesty are in the right place, a collaboration can happen,” he explains.

As mentioned before, Florian was a gamer in the initial part of his career. But he also worked as a chef at a restaurant before entering the digital world. After earning a star for his restaurant, he realised that he has achieved what he wanted and it was time for him to learn something new.

Talking about how his life has changed over the years, the digital entrepreneur says, “Life’s been exciting. From being a school drop-out, then becoming a gamer who earned 1000-2000€ a month; then working as a cook and again realising that only self-employment is my core interest, I’ve seen growth in myself and my lifestyle.”

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