Do Juice cleansers speed up weight loss?

“Not at all,” says Clinkscales. This myth took on when some celebrities claimed they lost multiple pounds in a couple of weeks. It usually involves fasting, sipping only water or juice for a few weeks to lose the flab. Clinkscales explains, “Your weight may fall initially due to a huge slump in overall carbohydrate and calorie consumption. But it all comes back once you resume normal eating.” Besides, juice cleansers can cause the body to go out of whack because it is deprived of essential nutrients. They’re extremely low in protein, a necessary nutrient for muscle development when on a path to losing weight.

Should you avoid fat to stay in shape?

Stephon busts another common myth. He says, “For a body to thrive, it needs three vital ingredients, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Yes, you heard me right, fats!” The good fats in edibles like nuts, seeds, fish, olives, and low-fat dairy aid in cell development. Fats to avoid are saturated and trans-fatty acids present in butter, high-fat dairy, red meat, and processed edibles.

Is Sea salt is better than table salt?

Many think switching to sea salt cuts down on sodium intake. Clinkscales weighs in, “Sorry, that’s a diet myth, too.” By heft, sea salt has the same sodium as any table salt.

What comes to mind when you hear the statement, “The super skinny are healthy.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. It gained momentum after many models claimed to have lost weight due to fad diets and featured in fashion magazines, appearing way slimmer and fitter than the average woman. However, often, it resulted from photoshop and airbrushing, making many females feel inferior about their physique.

Some jump on Fad diets and swear they do wonders; what’s your take on this?

No, they don’t. Clinkscales shares, “Some elements may help you acquire knowledge on nutrition, but the truth is that fad diets are futile.” A person needs to incorporate and sustain lifestyle changes and provide the body with specific nutritional needs for an effective transformation.

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